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The Museum of the Americas presents the colorful and diverse heritage of native peoples of the Americas through a representative collection of late 19th and 20th century artifacts, crafts, and folk art. The rich cultural traditions of these peoples are reflected in the intricate and distinctive designs of the objects they make for daily use, for religious ceremonies and for trade.

The goal of the Museum of the Americas is to nurture understanding of and appreciate for diverse peoples, their history, the beauty they create, and their struggles to survive and preserve their culture when adapting to a changing and often harsh world.

Explore the carvings of Northwest Coast Indians, the graphics of the Plains Indians, colorful custumes of the Seminole Indians of Florida, intricately designed molas from the Kuna Indians of Panama, a complete miniature Mexican village, santos, retablos, and a 19th century altar from Mexico. Take a visual trip through the Western Hemisphere of the past and the present.

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